Kraftwerk - Expo 2000 (Kling Klang Mix 2000)

I can't wait to go back to Berlin, maybe I should just invest in the airfare, considering the highway robbery of these mysterious 'carrier surcharges' on Air Canada flights. Didn't really get a straight answer, only that its their way of being competitive. Check my feed to see my other flight comparison, both leave Toronto and arrive in Paris around the same time, and the same level of economy. I just don't want to have the same problem as my last scheduled trip to Paris, where the flight was cancelled and my days off were spoiled.


Sexual Assault and Justice Systems

Last night I watched an interview with Marie Henin, the lawyer who represented Jian Ghomeshi, criticized Tom Mulcair for #IBelieveSurvivors tweet. She was also confronted on her conscious on defending him. Her response was well said, and she kept to the opinion that she did her job and that justice was served. She made some really good points about how justice may not be served to the losing parties, but that no one is guaranteed an outcome. 

It made me think the Crown did a shitty job on this trial. Even Henin said that she felt the Crown were provided with more than enough resources but they failed to prove the reasonable doubt needed to win this case. It was a sad day for women who report sexual assaults, it seems they will continue to be left with having to prove the crime whereas the perp is expected to hire a lawyer to represent him and nothing more. 

They are not expected to show up at court - the victims in this case are expected to re-live that experience. I know. I was in a similar situation years ago, but my experience was forced upon me to report it. At the end of it, I was made to feel bad, and the Crown eventually dropped the case. So justice was served

What In G-ds Name is Happening in the USA?

So today, while boarding a off-site airport parking shuttle, I overhead a news report that Donald Trump suggested that woman who have abortions be punished where the abortion is illegal. Is this guy for real? I can't believe all the ridiculous things this guy wants to do. Geezus, I feel sorry for the USA if they elect that moron. Someone should roll him in a ditch.. and I think after his latest comments, he might be a candidate for that club. 


What happened to 2015?

Here I go again.. close to a year at the new job in a new area of work, last year, my life was in hell, and in some ways it still is. I am so tired of living. I'm fat, can't run anymore, and my sleep is all messed up. I often think why do I continue to live. This shit has to end soon. Or the summer has to get her soon.

Oh, and Why is my time zone set to Central European Time?

Stasi: East Germany - The Darkest Recesses of the Totalitarian Mind (1997)


DJ Maretimo - The Sounds Of Asia Vol.1 - continuous mix, HD, 2013, Mysti...

Beautiful SEYCHELLES Del Mar Chillout and Lounge Mix 2014